Reader’s Ride: Todd Hodgen’s Corvette Life

Todd Hodgen’s Corvette Life: From a Custom ’62 to an Inferno Orange 2012, to a Stunning ’18 Z06

I started my Corvette life in 1975 at age 17 when I bought a custom 1962. The car was fast, and I loved the way it looked. It was so unique – Not many 17-year-olds had a Corvette, let alone a custom one.

This led me to seek out other Corvette owners and learn more about the cars. I now own a 2012 C6 in Inferno Orange, and a 2018 Blade Silver Z06.

1962 Corvette: This is one of the most collectible cars ever made.

The 1962 Chevrolet Corvette year represents the end of an era. The 1962 Vette represents the last of the original C1 Corvette chassis. 1962 Corvette was a transitional car for Chevy’s sports car that led to a change in design that was much more competitive and modern-looking, the C3 Corvette which came out in ’63.

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The ’62 was also the first Corvette with an available big block engine, making it a favorite among performance enthusiasts. This was the first Corvette model year to use the larger 327 cubic inch V-8 engine instead of the smaller 283 cubic inch unit.

The 1962 Corvette was the last model to use the conventional trunk design for many years.

Today, the 1962 Corvette is considered one of the most collectible models ever produced.

This is the story of Todd Hodgen’s 1962 Corvette Life

Todd Hodgen's Corvette Life - 1962 Corvette
Todd Hodgen’s Corvette Life – 1962 Corvette

But Todd’s ’62 C1 was a custom Corvette. Custom cars were all the rage in 1962, and at 17 Todd was lucky enough to get his hands on one.

My custom Corvette was a work of art, and I loved driving it around. People would stop and stare whenever I drove by, and I felt like a celebrity.

These days, I still own Corvettes and I’m proud of my car collection and the history behind each one.

My 2018 Blade Silver Z06 Corvette

2018 Blade Silver Z06 Corvette
2018 Blade Silver Z06 Corvette
2018 Blade Silver Z06 Corvette
2018 Blade Silver Z06 Corvette

National Corvette Museum celebrated its 25th Anniversary with the 6th National Corvette Caravan. Todd drove his ZO6 Corvette from Seattle to Bowling Green in one of the caravans. Todd writes, “Its power and grace are stunning.”

Chevrolet’s C7 ZO6 was the first car to offer a supercharged version of its 5th Generation V8. The supercharged 6.2L LT4 engine is only an inch taller than the base-model Stingray, but it offers 190 more horsepower.

There were 571 Blade Silver C7 2018 Corvettes produced and 2,802 ZO6s in that model year.

Todd’s 2012 C6 in Inferno Orange Corvette

2012 C6 Inferno Orange Corvette
2012 C6 Inferno Orange Corvette

Todd Hodgen bought an Inferno Orange 2012 C6 Corvette. Back in 2012, they only produced a total of 471 Inferno Orange 2012 Corvettes. The breakdown goes 115 coupes, 15 convertibles, 220 Inferno Orange Grand Sports Coupes, 89 GS Convertibles, 16 Z06s, and 16 ZR-1s.

The C6 is a powerful and elegant car, and the orange color is stunning. The C6 Corvette is a great car for cruising around town or driving on the open road. Todd Hodgen loves his C6 Corvette and enjoys driving it every chance he gets.

Todd Hodgen’s Corvette Life: Future plans

2012 C6 Inferno Orange Corvette
2012 C6 Inferno Orange Corvette

“Such a joy to drive both cars. They are my stress relief, simply take them for a drive on a windy road and life is instantly better.”

As you can see, Todd Hodgen’s Corvette Life has had a long history with Corvettes.

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