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Want to See Your Corvette Story in Vette Vues Magazine or on our blog?

People love to read about other Corvette owners and their Vettes. Each own and Corvette has their own story. On this post, we are outlining what we need to feature you and your car in the magazine or blog.

We also have a pdf you can download to help you organize the details. Just click the link below. It will open up the questionnaire. Right click and download. You can then print it to help you gather the important information.

Corvette Feature Questionnaire

We also have online ideas for you to include if you can’t download the PDF file. Add as much information as possible so the writer can do his best job to share your story.

Follow these instructions:

To consider your car for a feature story, we need the following information:

  • The history of ownership of the car before you bought it – as much as you know
  • Why you chose this particular classic Chevy
  • Where and how you found it
  • How long looked for it
  • What running gear: transmission, power equipment, accessories, etc.
  • Mileage on the Corvette
  • What did you have to do to restore it: details of what was fixed, replaced, refurbished, etc.
  • Did your wife/other (name please) assist with the restoration? How?
  • Do you belong to a car club – which one and where?
  • How long have you been involved with Corvettes?
  • Did you grow up with Vettes in your family?
  • Please include a photo of you with your car if available

We like to add a Personal Bio on car owners if possible, so please tell us about the work you do, other hobbies or leisure activities you enjoy, etc.

Photos need to be high-resolution digital images (300dpi) or snapshots.

NOTE: We CAN NOT use scanned photos or photocopies.  If you are sending snapshots, have duplicates made to send us as photos CAN NOT be returned.

Email your photos and story text to

Postal Mail photos with story text on the disk to:

Vette Vues Magazine, PO Box 511874, Punta Gorda, FL 33951

Once we have high-resolution photos and details about your Corvette, if accepted, we will assign you to a writer to finish up the article.

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