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We have Corvette Club listings from around the world for you! If you’re looking to join a club or find one near you, take a look at our directory. You’ll find clubs in the United States, Canada, and International as well as national organizations. Just follow the links below to their appropriate section and find your nearest Corvette club today!

Check out the listings for Corvette clubs around the world! You’ll find organizations and links to their respective pages:

  • United States Corvette Club Directory: Stay in touch with your local club by clicking on this link. If you can’t find one near you, check back often because we’re constantly updating our list of car clubs across America!
  • Canada Corvette Clubs: Find Corvette Clubs within Canada by following this link. With all the places Vette Vues Magazine is shipping these days, it’s getting easier to find a car club north of the border every day!
  • International Corvette Clubs (Outside the United States & Canada): Make friends around the globe by visiting our International Corvette Club Directory Page, which lists contact information for international Corvette clubs outside of North America, showing where they are located worldwide
  • National Corvette Organizations: Some clubs have chapters across the country and the world. They have national conventions and meets. You will find their contact information and website links.

Vette Vues Magazine Worldwide Corvette Clubs Directories are your source for Corvette Clubs around the world and we try to keep the information up to date. If you have any corrections or inclusions, please email us at and help new Corvette owners find a club near them.


Vette Vues Magazine Corvette Club Directory

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