New World Record for Collector Car Auctions set at Mecum Kissimmee 2022: Also the 2022 Corvette Auction Results

New World Record for Collector Car Auctions set at Mecum Kissimmee 2022
New World Record for Collector Car Auctions set at Mecum Kissimmee 2022

Mecum shatters World Record with $217 Million at Kissimmee 2022 auction. This beats the existing collector car auction record of $176 Million. We are looking at the Corvette Auction Results. At the end of this post is a spreadsheet with the Corvette results by model year.

Below is a press release from Mecum followed by a spreadsheet with the final Corvette High Bids and Sold prices sorted by model year.

Walworth, Wis. – Jan. 18, 2022 – Mecum Auctions kicked off the year in Kissimmee, Florida, by rewriting history with total sales at Mecum Kissimmee 2022 reaching $217 million, courtesy of an astounding 90% sell-through rate achieved during the world’s largest collector car auction at Osceola Heritage Park. The record-setting auction claims title as the first collector car auction ever to surpass $200 million in sales for a single event. What has long been known as the world’s largest continues to be the world’s most successful as well, highlighted by:

  • $217 million in sales—the highest total ever achieved at a single collector car auction
  • All 11 days recording single-day auction records for the Kissimmee event
  • A 90% overall sell-through rate—the highest overall percentage ever recorded for the Kissimmee event
  • Saturday, Jan. 15 marks Mecum’s highest single-day auction total in company history, with $72 million in sales and nine vehicles reaching seven-figure prices.
  • A total of 13 vehicles achieving seven-figure sale prices
  • More than $213 million in vehicle-only sales with 2,954 vehicles changing hands—the most ever sold at a single live collector car auction
  • $2.66 million in Road Art sales, with 1,262 items changing hands
  • The successful launch of the new Mecum and MotorTrend partnership with viewership reaching an all-time record for Mecum Auctions

Leading all sales for the event was the 1965 Shelby GT350R Prototype (Lot S160)—recognized as the most historically significant Shelby Mustang in the world and driven by Ken Miles to claim its “Flying Mustang” moniker. Selling for $3.75 million, the car proved to hold its value with its triumphant return to the public market, and it successfully retained its crown as the most valuable Mustang in the world. Just shy of landing that top seat among high sellers at $3.3 million was a 194-mile 2020 McLaren Speedtail (Lot S146) from The Michael Fux Collection that is one of just 106 built.

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Main attractions took center stage and exceeded expectations, highlighted, perhaps most notably, by the 1951 Hirohata Mercury Custom (Lot S152)—the iconic custom-built by Sam and George Barris and arguably the most famous custom car of the classic era—which sold for $2.15 million. The 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo (Lot S164) that was featured in the film “Bad Boys” and is one of fewer than 350 produced for the U.S. market in 1994, became another leader among top sales at $1.43 million.

The Jerry Brewis Estate Collection of 45 modern supercars amassed more than $12 million in total sales. Among the leading sellers was a trio of Ford GTs: a 2018 Heritage Edition (Lot S245) showing just 7 miles that sold for $1.32 million, a 2006 black-on-black model (Lot S255) that sold for $550,000, and 2005 (Lot S254.1) with just 255 miles that sold for $495,000. Other top sales from the Brewis collection included a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster (Lot S253) with just 161 miles that brought $737,000, and three cars that sold for $440,000 each: a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster (Lot S248), a 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster (Lot S247) and a 2017 McLaren 570S (Lot S250).

The Jackie and Gary Runyon Collection of 31 vehicles totaled more than $10.7 million in sales, with a 2016 Pagani Huayra (Lot S115) topping the list. One of just 100 produced and showing just 725 miles, the car sold for $2.12 million. The Runyon’s 1936 White Model 706 Glacier National Park Tour Bus (Lot S132), famous for driving tourists up Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, sold for $1.43 million. Also included in the collection was the 1964 Dragula Munsters Coffin Dragster (Lot S130) built by George Barris, which sold for $473,000, and the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (Lot S113) known as the “Vault Find” Corvette, which brought $418,000.

The Gary Thomas Collection of 32 cars, nearly all of which were red iterations of the Ford Mustang, resulted in $5.76 million in sales, with a special-order Race Red 2019 Ford GT (Lot F181) showing just 12 miles on the odometer selling for $1.02 million, and a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback (Lot F183) that wears KK No. 1893 selling for $407,000.

The complete top 10 collector car sales at Mecum Kissimmee 2022 include:

  1. 1965 Shelby GT350R Prototype (Lot S160) at $3,750,000
  2. 2020 McLaren Speedtail (Lot S146) at $3,300,000
  3. 1992 Ferrari F40 (Lot S150) at $2,750,000
  4. 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing (Lot S162) at $2,640,000
  5. 1951 Hirohata Mercury Custom (Lot S152) at $2,145,000
  6. 2016 Pagani Huayra (Lot S115) at $2,117,500
  7. 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra Roadster (Lot F171.1) at $1,430,000
  8. 1936 White Model 706 Glacier National Park Tour Bus (Lot S132) at $1,430,000
  9. 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo (Lot S164) at $1,430,000
  10. 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster (Lot F143) at $1,375,000

For access to complete auction results, sign up for a free MyMecum account at The world’s largest vintage and antique motorcycle auction are next up on Mecum’s 2022 auction calendar, slated for this Jan. 25-29 at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Set to feature approximately 1,750 motorcycles on offer, the five-day auction will include offerings from around the globe, highlighted by the Harley-Davidson Heritage Collection of 95 highly collectible vintage models from the celebrated American motorcycle company, all of which will be offered without reserve. To consign a vehicle or to register as a bidder for this and all future Mecum auction events, visit, or call (262) 275-5050 for more information.

Below are the 2022 Corvette Auction Results from the Mecum Kissimmee Auction:

LotYearModelHigh bidSold Price
F2411953Corvette Roadster$418,000
T161.11954Corvette Roadster$71,500
T2821954Corvette Roadster$121,000
T3021954Corvette Roadster$70,000
S291954Corvette Roadster$61,600
S2911954Corvette Roadster$148,500
U631954Corvette Roadster$55,000
F1141956Corvette Convertible$181,500
S131956Corvette Convertible$60,500
F1641957Corvette Big Brake Airbox$440,000
K1921957Corvette Convertible$110,000
W162.11957Corvette Convertible$107,800
W1641957Corvette Convertible$66,000
F1301957Corvette Convertible$165,000
S1741957Corvette Convertible$176,000
U1551957Corvette Custom Speedster$165,000
F1621957Corvette Race Car$110,000
J102.11958Corvette Convertible$83,600
T1701958Corvette Convertible$104,500
T2001958Corvette Convertible$110,000
T2941958Corvette Convertible$92,400
F165.11958Corvette Convertible$330,000
S52.11958Corvette Convertible$165,000
J84.11959Corvette Convertible$72,000
K1261959Corvette Convertible$60,500
T3091959Corvette Convertible$110,000
F1041959Corvette Convertible$253,000
F1151959Corvette Convertible$187,000
F1311959Corvette Convertible$225,500
F2351959Corvette Convertible$297,000
S371959Corvette Convertible$93,500
U641959Corvette Convertible$129,250
S2651959Corvette Custom Convertible$330,000
G1981960Corvette Convertible$75,000
W1901960Corvette Convertible$65,000
F2401960Corvette Convertible$280,000
S2881960Corvette Convertible$70,000
F1581960Corvette ‘Race Rat’ Tanker$401,500
F1591961Corvette Big Brake Tanker$170,500
G791961Corvette Convertible$91,300
T2461961Corvette Convertible$68,200
F116.11961Corvette Convertible$236,500
F1171961Corvette Convertible$264,000
F3091961Corvette Convertible$130,000$170,500
S801961Corvette Convertible$90,200
S2331961Corvette Convertible$231,000
F1731962Corvette Big Brake Fuelie$143,000
S991962Corvette Big Brake Fuelie Convertible$88,000
F159.11962Corvette Big Brake Tanker$165,000
K1301962Corvette Convertible$110,000
W141.11962Corvette Convertible$60,500
T216.11962Corvette Convertible$264,000
F211962Corvette Convertible$106,700
S81962Corvette Convertible$60,500
S301962Corvette Convertible$82,500
S1121962Corvette Convertible$187,000
S2001962Corvette Convertible$91,300
S2971962Corvette Convertible$132,000
S3051962Corvette Convertible$90,200
S1421962Corvette Fuelie Ben Moore Race Car$135,000
S1291962Corvette Gasser$104,500
W3011963CorvetteNo Info
J2401963Corvette Convertible$55,000
T961963Corvette Convertible$88,000
F170.11963Corvette Grand Sport Replica$99,000
J136.11963Corvette Split Window Coupe$135,000
T1571963Corvette Split Window Coupe$134,750
F237.11963Corvette Split Window Coupe$275,000
F2791963Corvette Split Window Coupe$407,000
S61963Corvette Split Window Coupe$121,000
S84.11963Corvette Split Window Coupe$286,000
S1681963Corvette Split Window Coupe$341,000
S2691963Corvette Split Window Coupe$330,000
S2851963Corvette Split Window Coupe$330,000
U2031963Corvette Split Window Coupe$159,500
F1571963Corvette Z06 ‘Gulf One’$2,400,000
F153.11963Corvette Z06 Split Window Coupe$605,000
S1611963Corvette Z06 Split Window Coupe$300,000
S1881963Corvette Z06/N03 Split Window Coupe$506,000
K1761964Corvette Convertible$62,700
K1971964Corvette Convertible$84,700
L86.11964Corvette Convertible$60,500
G1091964Corvette Convertible$62,700
T561964Corvette Convertible$64,900
F1161964Corvette Convertible$145,750
K2911964Corvette Coupe$61,600
W1511964Corvette Coupe$57,000
S1111964Corvette Coupe$110,000
S1841964Corvette Tanker$291,500
MG221965Corvette Big Tank FuelieNo Info
K331965Corvette Convertible$55,000
W921965Corvette Convertible$71,500
T84.11965Corvette Convertible$73,700
T1591965Corvette Convertible$80,300
T1631965Corvette Convertible$176,000
T1871965Corvette Convertible$123,750
F2381965Corvette Convertible$154,000
F2561965Corvette Convertible$150,000
S93.11965Corvette Convertible$57,200
S2641965Corvette Convertible$80,000
MG211965Corvette ConvertibleNo Info
MG251965Corvette ConvertibleNo Info
E1571965Corvette Coupe$78,100
K178.11965Corvette Coupe$93,500
F571965Corvette Coupe$134,750
F1481965Corvette Coupe$269,500
F2851965Corvette Coupe$137,500
S91965Corvette Coupe$88,000
S311965Corvette Coupe$82,500
S2041965Corvette Coupe$104,500
F1651965Corvette Custom Coupe$253,000
W194.11966Corvette Convertible$73,700
W1991966Corvette Convertible$93,500
T741966Corvette Convertible$84,700
T250.11966Corvette Convertible$121,000
F241966Corvette Convertible$156,200
F3111966Corvette Convertible$96,800
S581966Corvette Convertible$192,500
S1811966Corvette Convertible$95,700
S194.11966Corvette Convertible$82,500
S2051966Corvette Convertible$90,200
K165.11966Corvette Coupe$77,000
W2691966Corvette Coupe$75,000
T1991966Corvette Coupe$70,400
T2491966Corvette Coupe$170,500
F1061966Corvette Coupe$88,000
F2101966Corvette Coupe$99,000
S233.11966Corvette Coupe$73,700
W2521966Corvette Grand Sport Replica$48,400
S2371966Corvette Pilot Line L88$1,100,000
K1341967Corvette Convertible$68,200
W1091967Corvette Convertible$181,500
W1741967Corvette Convertible$65,000
T1151967Corvette Convertible$90,200
T125.11967Corvette Convertible$112,750
T151.11967Corvette Convertible$121,000
T1901967Corvette Convertible$156,200
T2141967Corvette Convertible$324,500
F161967Corvette Convertible$132,500
F741967Corvette Convertible$159,500
F2881967Corvette Convertible$137,500
F3051967Corvette ConvertibleNo Info
F324.11967Corvette Convertible$62,000
S71967Corvette Convertible$123,750
S9.11967Corvette Convertible$132,000
S111967Corvette Convertible$143,000
S11.11967Corvette ConvertibleBGO
S171967Corvette Convertible$214,500
S341967Corvette Convertible$110,000
S2311967Corvette Convertible$291,500
S2861967Corvette Convertible$190,000
S2871967Corvette Convertible$148,500
U1861967Corvette Convertible$100,000
G831967Corvette Coupe$84,700
G1731967Corvette Coupe$77,000
T2191967Corvette Coupe$165,000
F48.11967Corvette Coupe$90,000
F2991967Corvette Coupe$150,700
S1131967Corvette Coupe$418,000
S1851967Corvette Coupe$352,000
K241968Corvette Convertible$35,200
L81.11968Corvette Convertible$39,000
T1241968Corvette Convertible$39,600
T2151968Corvette Convertible$143,000
K1851968Corvette Coupe$22,000
W124.11968Corvette Coupe$23,100
F2701968Corvette Custom Coupe$100,100
T2201968Corvette L89 Convertible$110,000
F2841968Corvette L89 Convertible$121,000
K1111969Corvette Convertible$45,100
K177.11969Corvette Convertible$38,500
K201.11969Corvette Convertible$39,000
K205.11969Corvette Convertible$82,500
W2071969Corvette Convertible$48,400
T2281969Corvette Convertible$77,000
S7.11969Corvette Convertible$62,700
S391969Corvette Convertible$120,000
S3011969Corvette Convertible$60,000
J2411969Corvette Coupe$33,000
G2041969Corvette Coupe$39,600
W111969Corvette Coupe$25,300
W2681969Corvette Coupe$25,000
W2881969Corvette Coupe$36,300
T891969Corvette Coupe$44,000
T2221969Corvette Coupe$70,000
U1421969Corvette Coupe$44,000
W1691969Corvette Custom Convertible$125,000
K126.11969Corvette L88 Convertible$340,000
W145.11969Corvette L88 Convertible$335,500
MG111969Corvette L88 ConvertibleNo Info
W361970Corvette Convertible$50,600
S101970Corvette Convertible$49,500
U1331970Corvette Convertible$64,900
U1471970Corvette LT1 Coupe$70,000
L1891971Corvette Coupe$40,700
W237.11971Corvette Coupe$22,000
U1911971Corvette Coupe$40,700
T541971Corvette LT1 Coupe$69,300
E1921972Corvette Convertible$33,000
U2701972Corvette Convertible$26,400
L2561972Corvette Coupe$50,600
W121972Corvette Coupe$34,100
T2921972Corvette Coupe$80,000
T291972Corvette LT1 Coupe$63,800
F731972Corvette LT1 Coupe$82,500
T2521972Corvette Motion Moray GT$70,000
W1601973Corvette Convertible$38,500
J2061973Corvette Coupe$18,000
U2881973Corvette Coupe$25,000
T2531973Corvette Motion Manta Ray GT$88,000
K141974Corvette Convertible$25,300
G2191974Corvette Convertible$50,600
W213.11974Corvette Convertible$15,950
J2091974Corvette Coupe$25,000
W1251974Corvette Coupe$17,600
T1221974Corvette Coupe$22,000
T2601974Corvette L82$38,500
J1061975Corvette Convertible$41,800
K51975Corvette Convertible$27,500
L140.11975Corvette Convertible$28,600
L2181975Corvette Convertible$33,000
W191.11975Corvette Convertible$18,700
T851975Corvette Convertible$46,200
J1861975Corvette Coupe$12,100
L1151975Corvette Coupe$20,900
W231975Corvette Coupe$17,600
E871976Corvette Coupe$11,000
W1161976Corvette Coupe$31,900
K401977Corvette Coupe$19,800
W102.11977Corvette Coupe$33,000
W1191977Corvette Coupe$21,450
T1121977Corvette Coupe$23,100
L661977Corvette Martel Continental Coupe$19,800
U1541978Corvette Coupe$22,000
U2621978Corvette Coupe$14,300
G1291978Corvette Pace Car Edition$34,100
G2761978Corvette Pace Car Edition$26,400
S331978Corvette Pace Car Edition$38,500
U591978Corvette Pace Car Edition$49,500
F481978Corvette Silver Anniversary$40,000
J461978Corvette Silver Anniversary Coupe$14,300
J751978Corvette Silver Anniversary Coupe$19,800
E1991979Corvette Coupe$14,300
W2931979Corvette Coupe$16,000
T1211979Corvette Coupe$18,700
T2181979Corvette Coupe$49,500
S161979Corvette CoupeSOLD
S2261979Corvette Coupe$36,300
S2271979Corvette Coupe$30,800
J861980Corvette Coupe$34,100
K801980Corvette Coupe$25,300
G158.11980Corvette Coupe$22,000
S211980Corvette Coupe$24,200
U2711980Corvette Coupe$30,800
W321981Corvette Coupe$33,000
W331981Corvette Coupe$35,200
S231981Corvette Coupe$36,300
U64.11981Corvette CoupeNo Info
F2511982Corvette Collector Edition$29,700
J451982Corvette Collector Edition Coupe$24,200
J651982Corvette Coupe$23,100
J122.11982Corvette Coupe$24,200
J1681982Corvette Coupe$33,000
G179.11984Corvette Coupe$8,250
F2781984Corvette Coupe$51,700
E2851985Corvette C4-1 Coupe$8,800
S151986Corvette Coupe$8,250
J871986Corvette Pace Car Edition Convertible$14,300
L151.11987Corvette Convertible$9,350
F311987Corvette Convertible$12,650
F491987Corvette Convertible$17,600
T1511987Corvette Coupe$33,000
E2111988Corvette 35th Anniversary CoupeNo Info
G1101988Corvette 35th Anniversary Coupe$13,200
U2331988Corvette 35th Anniversary Coupe$9,000
L501988Corvette Coupe$24,200
J43.11989Corvette Convertible$12,100
J2171989Corvette Convertible$11,000
T1501989Corvette Convertible$35,200
L64.11990Corvette Convertible$18,700
G2801990Corvette Coupe$15,950
G1361990Corvette Indy 500 Festival CarNo Info
T2661990Corvette SCCA Escort World Challenge Race Car$77,000
T1411990Corvette ZR1$66,000
S281990Corvette ZR1$49,500
T91.11990Corvette ZR1 Prototype$55,000
G2471991Corvette Convertible$11,550
E1111991Corvette Coupe$13,750
J1561991Corvette ZR1$35,200
G2031991Corvette ZR1$30,800
T1421991Corvette ZR1$61,600
S24.11991Corvette ZR1$44,000
U651991Corvette ZR1$30,800
K81992Corvette Convertible$29,700
J2691992Corvette Coupe$10,450
T1431992Corvette ZR1$61,600
G1411993Corvette 40th Anniversary Convertible$13,200
S22.11993Corvette 40th Anniversary Convertible$35,200
K181993Corvette Convertible$19,800
J1431994Corvette Convertible$19,800
W701994Corvette Convertible$30,800
W981994Corvette Convertible$23,100
S251994Corvette Convertible$27,000
K1791994Corvette Coupe$26,400
G901994Corvette Coupe$13,200
W761994Corvette Coupe$14,300
T1441994Corvette ZR1$82,500
S25.11995Corvette Convertible$34,100
U122.11995Corvette Convertible$22,000
U130.11995Corvette Convertible$15,400
W1351995Corvette Coupe$17,600
G1321995Corvette Pace Car Edition Convertible$26,400
K651996Corvette Collector Edition Convertible$24,200
W2331996Corvette Collector Edition Convertible$27,500
J1531996Corvette Collector Edition Coupe$22,000
K190.11996Corvette Collector Edition Coupe$38,500
W941996Corvette Convertible$17,600
U2861996Corvette Convertible$20,900
S241996Corvette Grand Sport Convertible$50,600
U601996Corvette Grand Sport Coupe$55,000
J2281997Corvette Coupe$22,000
U109.11997Corvette Coupe$17,600
J911998Corvette Convertible$20,350
W2711998Corvette Convertible$36,000
U37.11998Corvette Convertible$26,400
E21998Corvette Pace Car Edition$41,800
K1531998Corvette Pace Car Edition$27,500
K173.11998Corvette Pace Car Edition$30,000
G1331998Corvette Pace Car Edition$30,800
T1471998Corvette Pace Car Edition$34,100
S261998Corvette Pace Car Edition$39,600
G231998Corvette Z06 Coupe$10,450
G140.11999Corvette Convertible$19,800
K1441999Corvette Coupe$20,900
W93.11999Corvette Hardtop$29,700
K612000Corvette Convertible$38,500
W70.12000Corvette Convertible$27,500
W1772000Corvette Convertible$28,600
K702000Corvette Mallett 427-R Coupe$41,800
U1662001Corvette Convertible$17,600
T1452001Corvette Z06$55,000
F1322002Corvette AAT Commemorative Edition$91,300
L117.12002Corvette Avelate Coupe$52,000
J1722002Corvette Convertible$26,400
W442002Corvette Z06No Info
E62003Corvette 50th Anniversary Convertible$44,000
U622003Corvette 50th Anniversary Convertible$39,600
J2382003Corvette 50th Anniversary Coupe$27,000
F272003Corvette 50th Anniversary Coupe$44,000
F1182003Corvette AAT Commemorative Edition$99,000
G117.12003Corvette Convertible$18,000
E1282003Corvette Coupe$16,500
K502003Corvette Coupe$31,900
U65.12003Corvette Z06$24,200
W44.12004Corvette Commemorative Edition Convertible$35,200
G1512004Corvette Convertible$23,100
J1712004Corvette Coupe$31,900
J972004Corvette Z06$42,900
U2572004Corvette Z06$27,000
U1902005Corvette Convertible$24,200
J27.12005Corvette Coupe$20,350
T582005Corvette Coupe$27,500
J85.12006Corvette Convertible$26,950
G752006Corvette Coupe$27,000
G2062006Corvette Coupe$33,000
L70.12007Corvette Convertible$25,000
G1342007Corvette Pace Car Edition$36,300
E72007Corvette Pace Car Edition Convertible$42,900
S272007Corvette Pace Car Edition Convertible$40,700
E2892008Corvette Convertible$30,000
U312008Corvette Convertible$34,100
T78.12008Corvette Karl Custom$123,750
K452009Corvette Convertible$38,500
F1192009Corvette ZR1$123,750
F1332010Corvette Z06 Split Window Coupe$209,000
T46.12012Corvette Grand Sport Centennial Edition$66,000
F1342012Corvette ZR1$214,500
K106.12014Corvette Z51$55,000
U462014Corvette Z51 Convertible$50,000
F1202014Corvette Z51 Forgiato$154,000
K2762015Corvette Coupe$63,800
S1142016Corvette Z06 Convertible$110,000
F1212017Corvette Grand Sport Heritage Edition$187,000
K95.12018Corvette Grand Sport Convertible$81,400
U612019Corvette Z06$90,200
U67.12019Corvette Z06 Coupe$77,000
W2102019Corvette ZR1$176,000
F1222019Corvette ZR1$297,000
S1182019Corvette ZR1 Convertible$242,000
F182020Corvette 2LT Convertible$99,000
F3172020Corvette 2LT Coupe$99,000
F1232020Corvette 3LT Coupe$143,000
K182.12020Corvette Coupe$94,600
T90.22021Corvette Coupe$107,250
G137.12022Corvette 1LT Convertible$97,500
W3092022Corvette 2LT Coupe$121,000
S30.12022Corvette Coupe$165,000

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